Monday, February 13, 2012

AM Part III - Pendulum and Tailor

These are two different assignments that were done over two weeks but they cover the same basic principles: overlap and follow-through. 

The first assignment involved a pendulum. My task was to simulate the effects of moving one at it's base by showing the ball dragging behind and then continuing it's momentum even after the base has stopped. The hardest task was making the stiff bamboo-looking model appear to be as loose as a chain. I'm not sure as to how successful I was.

Swinging Pendulum Sketches

Luckily I got another shot at it the following week. 

This time I was to take a squirrel-like model called Tailor - who is basically a ball with a tail attached - and simulate the effect the bouncing ball would have on the attached tail. To me, this was an easier task then the pendulum, as it didn't necessarily have to appear loose and pliable as much as it just had to drag. It was also more fun to work on, as it left room for and was my first dab at acting.

Tailor Sketches

The purpose of these assignments was really to teach me a little more basic physics, most of which is just building off of what we've already learned. 

As you can tell, I'm purposely leaving out alot of explanatory information, as it's not my goal to teach you how to do this stuff but to show you what I've learned. If you want to learn character animation, go to Animation Mentor.

Coming up: First Steps

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